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Do I really need a videographer?

Errr, how much?

We get it. The budget started out somewhere a mile back and it feels like everything costs double what you imagined it would! We have been there. When we planned our own wedding we thought to ourselves, what is the most important thing to have for us. Love and MEMORIES.

What that meant for us was having an unbelievable photographer and videographer. And we skipped or went low on other items. For some, the most important thing might be The Dress. If so, then allocate a good portion of your budget to this. We knew that we couldn’t compromise on images and video so this is where most of our budget went. It’s a point in time. How funny and unsteady on their feet our children moved around at that age, how they laughed and played as we all got ready together!

So, you send off requests for pricing and find that what’s quoted exceeds what you imagined you might spend on a videographer. On top of the fact, you weren’t even sure you wanted one! What is sometimes not totally obvious from the quote is this. Time and experience. We will be with you from morning preparations until just after the first dance. This could be 12 hours or so. Another approx 2 days of editing make up the remainder. We have 10 years of experience in the industry and have covered every scenario. We bring to you that level-headed experience.

Of course, someone starting out might charge a lower rate but are you certain they will have the latest camera equipment, backup camera, gimble, drone (and associated IAA training) Will their editing suite be up to the task? Important to consider and decide if it’s worth the potential risk.

Treasured memories

It’s not nice to think about, but all our nearest and dearest won’t be here forever. How nice will it be to have those that we love the very MOST in your wedding film to cherish forever? Remember the way they laugh and awkwardly bop on the dance floor. How the shuffled the dog eared pages of their speech. Trust us, this doesn’t get told in the photographs ❤️

Speeches and Sound

Didn’t think your hubby or wife would reminisce on those early days when you got together when speaking to you and your guests? Wish you could savor it again? The day passes in a whirlwind. Getting your day and speeches documented means you can savor each lovely moment over and over again.

Wish you could share your joy and happiness with everyone? You may not feel comfortable sharing every moment of the day with your wider circle, but how about a social edit? We could create something that you can share on Instagram or Facebook for you. A highlight of the highlight!

You may hope to have children (ooh or a puppy, send us a picture of you do!) down the line, how cool to show them the beautiful day you shared together before they came along.

But of COURSE, we will say yes to getting a videographer. We’ve spoken to hundreds of brides and grooms who have said it was the best decision they made, so we have the inside track on this. Don’t feel under pressure to do it if you are certain you don’t want one. But if you are on the fence, take the leap of faith. You won’t be sorry.

We are passionate about love and telling the story of your day. If you are unsure about getting a videographer and want to chat through any concerns at all, get in touch, we’d love to hear from you :-)



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