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Let’s work together! Videographers and photographers

The more important dynamic on your big day is between yourself and your partner. Buuuut a close second to this is that your photographer and your videographer.

We have worked with some AHHHH-MAZING photographers throughout Ireland. Seriously, there is a talented bunch out there and we are in awe of their amazing creativity. We have a list of some fantastic photographers that capture the day in the most beautiful natural way. Let us know if you want any recommendations, we’d be happy to share. If there is someone we haven’t yet met, we’d love to reach out in advance and will have a quick intro with them.

The best photographers and videographers will be completely aware of where the other is, that they are getting their shot without getting in each other's way.

Most of the time your photographer will lead the day and move each setup along seamlessly. Make sure you tell your photographer what you are up for. Want some playful shots, cool! Let them know. Prefer something natural, walk and talk, also a great shot. Make sure they know this :-)

Do you already know in advance there are certain setups you don’t want to do? Make sure this is communicated in advance to save any lost time or disappointment later on. You want to get back to your fantastic celebration as soon as you can ;-)

These photos and videos will last a lifetime! So we will work together to deliver the best result to you guys. Happy planning :-)



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