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Tips from a wedding videographer

Are you picturing something cinematic? Romantic? Wild and outdoorsy? You might not know yet! Do watch other examples and pick out which ones you like. This might be the first time you are considering or organising a videographer so it’s a learning curve.

What are you after?

Once you have an idea of what’s important to you make sure to ask questions. There is no such thing as too many questions. We want you to really be happy with what you are getting, and understand what comes along.

Important People

Lots of your wedding party will naturally be captured as part of the day. Bridesmaids for example, (if you are having some) but others, like an older family member - nana, grandad, great aunt Mary may not naturally be in shot. If they are an important part of your day and film, make sure to tip us off in advance. We always do our best to get good coverage of your guests but do point out anyone extra special. We will make sure to cover this in our preparation call.

Let’s talk!

We always reach out a week or two before the big day to run through everything. Mention anything at all that you think is important as it may have a bearing on the kit we have to hand on the day. Outdoor ceremony, smoke bombs, sparklers, first look - we are HERE FOR THIS! Just give us the heads up and we will plan accordingly.


The morning is going to FLY BY. Have whatever you can prepared in advance and set out to one side. If you have any little wedding trinkets, set them to one side and we can get some really lovely scene-setting shots for your film.

Enjoy it!

This seems so obvious. But enjoy the day. Even when things go slightly wrong, do your best to see the funny side and just roll with it. It might rain! So what, let us capture the day exactly as it happens. Trust us, you’ll devour every little detail of it as the years go by.

Check out some of our recent weddings and see if our style matches what you are after. We wish you all the best with your planning and a fun-filled wedding day!



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